Author:Việt Khương, Phú Khánh
Genre:Thiếu nhi
Dimensions:18 x18 cm
Publication Date:2009

The Environment And Me series welcomes young readers to explore the exciting sounds of nature, helping them to better understand the lives of the animals, plants and trees in the nature world.

In the first 10 books of the series there are stories about little lovely Mam with his forest friends in Cat Tien National Forest. Little Mam along with her friends take young readers into fascinating adventures in the plant and animal world of the forest. They are old wise Mr. Oak who delights children with many captivating stories and there is little Grape who gets pale and weak because she doesn’t get enough sun. There are also two mischievous Hippos, a magical lake taking people in just a flash to travel all over the world and many other exciting stories await the readers.

These beautifully-illustrated books help teach children about the importance of animals, plants and trees to the environment and the life of our earth. Helpful information also improves their awareness of nature to protect and preserve the beautiful green environment for all to enjoy.

The first ten books: Old Wise Mr. Oak, Little Grape Afraid of the Sun , Arrogant Sister Rose, Two Mischievous Hippos, A Picnic, The Magical Lake, Good Friends in the Forest, Floods, Gifts From the Forest.


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