Craig Nathanson

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Dr. Nathanson is an educator, author, and speaker in human and organizational growth.

Dr. Nathanson is a visiting lecturer in China and Vietnam in partnership with The Asia Center at Benedictine University, US as well as an adjunct lecturer for The National Moser Center for Adult Learning in the US.

Additionally, Dr. Craig Nathanson is an honorary lecturer at the University of Liverpool Online and the University of Roehampton, London Online.

Dr. Nathanson has been teaching online graduate and undergraduate programs since 2001 at several universities in North America and Europe. In addition, he is a visiting lecturer in Vietnam in partnership with Solvay Brussels School of Economics, Brussels, Belgium. Additionally, Dr.Nathanson is an adjunct faculty for the University Of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Johnson and Wales University, Humboldt State University and a contributing faculty for the Continuing Education division of Cal State University East Bay.

Dr. Nathanson has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems, as well as Masters Degrees in Human Development and Telecommunications Management. He worked over twenty years in various senior management positions in U.S. Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Nathanson has written and published 5 books on work and mid-life development and management, including “The Best Manager: Getting better results through people”. Dr. Nathanson’s newest book “Joyful work in the second half of life: The five stages”, accumulates twenty years of research in the intersection of work and mid-life.

Additionally, Dr.Nathanson was one of the original founding members of Pandesic, the joint venture of Intel-Sap as one of the first e-commerce companies as well as a vice-president of People PC, a joint venture with Ford Motor Company.

Dr. Nathanson is also a motivational speaker, The Vocational Coach™ for mid-life adults, and workshop leader working with companies on the development of their organizations and people. His current research focus is on humanistic leadership, leadership through coaching, and mid-life professional development

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